Our Menu
Balanced diet
The menu at Happy Elephant Early Childhood Center, is thoughtfully crafted to meet all standards, ensuring variety, balance, and an enticing presentation. Notably, the Happy Elephant menu distinguishes itself by its commitment to using only natural ingredients. Artificial additives such as canned food, fortified drinks, packaged juices, nutritional supplements, and fats are completely excluded. We prioritize the use of wholesome, unprocessed ingredients to provide a nourishing and appealing dining experience for our young learners.
Individual Meal Plans
Happy Elephant follows the practice of having distinct meals.
Fresh fruit for children is offered as a separate meal to ensure better vitamin absorption. At noon, our focus shifts to dairy products, while lunchtime features a variety of fresh and baked vegetables—sweets are not included.

We not only prioritize the quality of food but also emphasize the importance of proper eating etiquette. From the age of 2, children eat together with their teachers, using a fork and knife.